Becoming Bulgarian

You know when you get a bee in your bonnet and then you can’t focus really on anything else until you do something with that bee? Well this is me addressing a bee. I’ve been reflecting on the last 12 months and how it has affected my mentality. Who I am now, because of this […]

The Events That Have Made Me Selfish

A few weeks back I posted this on Facebook as I wanted to share an update about what has been going on in the background in my life: As you can imagine I’m very happy that this chapter is over and I can now get on with providing more of the support side of the […]

Reassuringly Random

Have you ever wondered why someone who you thought liked you, suddenly started to react towards you in an unfavourable and random way?   Before I tell you my theory on the cause for such behaviour, firstly I must point out a slim difference between randomness and unpredictability.   Unpredictable means that the result could […]

What You Don’t Know About Me

Ok, so this beginning bit at least, I’m writing on 5th January 2016, the day before I head to the Royal Free Hospital, in London, with my mum. My mum (although she doesn’t know it) is a bit of a celebrity on my Facebook wall. People think I write comedy anecdotes about my time with […]

Don’t Mention the Monkey Flange

I found my soul mate on tinder! At least, he looked nice and said things like “If monkeys could have voice boxes fitted, would they be humans?” Which is exactly the sort of crazy thing I would think. So I shared my theory of the earth being a tiny cell in the body of an […]
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