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The work continues at the new office with the bulk of the work now done, it’s the finishing touches that are still taking place and once I have finished the members packs for this month I’ll be up a ladder and painting our outside window frames in the PB blue paint I’ve bought.

These finishing touches are not essential necessarily, but I think that we are all somewhat effected by our environment. I believe largely that our attitude and mindset are by the biggest influencers on our emotions, but for some more that others, environment can impinge upon our ability to access the best possible states.

For example, feeling better when the weather is sunny or feeling more self-respect when you wear your favourite jacket after it has been dry-cleaned instead of a crumpled grubby t-shirt.

Sometimes I’m reminded of all these little details that impact us and how delicate an ecosystem our own emotions can be. Creating the right internal flora to enable happiness to grow undoubtedly comes to some more easily than others. And for those with a more melancholy disposition, the importance of getting the right balance of the right influences in as many areas of life as possible is often a challenge and at best a chore.

Remembering to keep up whatever maintenance is required to protect the delicate ecosystem of a positive state can seem to be the last thing you would want to do when you are feeling low. A bit like being so hung-over you can’t even be bothered to get out of bed to fetch some Neurofen, knowing full well it will make you feel better.

But make the effort you must. Sadly there is a unique prescription for each of us. For some the secret of happiness comes from eating a healthy diet, being sociable, being alone, being creative, being in the sun, being loved, painting the window frame in PB blue… the list is endless and unpredictable. You have to explore and experiment to find the combination of thinking, doing and being that will positively affect you. Know what works for you, make a list of what gets happiness growing inside of you so that even in the deepest darkest hangovers of depression, you can take those steps.

In the shadow of one of the worlds funniest, brightest acting legends leaving this world, I’d like to remind you to remember to do the things that make you happy and know what makes others happy too so that if they are lost or have forgotten their “route to happy” you can help them find their way. Because for some people, their life might just depend upon it.

By Gemma Bailey

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