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Wow I have my very own blog…. A totally self indulgent place where I don’t just have to talk about the wonderful work I do, but instead can give my own ego a bit a webspace to express itself in a bigger way than my Facebook friends would ever tolerate.

Bless you and thank you for signing up to my blog (if you haven’t that was an embedded command for you to do so.)

The goal of this blog is to give insight into the ramblings of my innermost mind. It probably won’t be informative like the People Building Blog, or inspiration like the NLP4Kids one. It’s likely to be a bit more gritty, a bit more (yes more) self indulgent and maybe if you’re lucky, occasionally funny. But I wouldn’t count on it. It will most likely be inconsistently funny, with the occasional moans and mainly self indulgent. I’m single so I’m allowed to be selfish like that. I’m also a entrepreneur and a speaker so I have disgusting amounts of self belief and I’m probably over opinionated in many people’s points of view. Luckily I don’t care too much about their point of view because I’m selfish and have a disgusting amount of self belief.


So welcome along! 😀

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