Love Me Tinder

I think I’ve become a stereotype. I must be because I’ve joined Tinder. This is a place where you can “like” other people based on their Facebook profile photos. I’ve been on there just under a week and have, as well as being contacted by people on Tinder, been contacted by people outside of Tinder, […]

Find Your Route to Happy

The work continues at the new office with the bulk of the work now done, it’s the finishing touches that are still taking place and once I have finished the members packs for this month I’ll be up a ladder and painting our outside window frames in the PB blue paint I’ve bought. These finishing […]

And We’re In!

After month (seriously – longer than the gestation period of a human baby) of fighting, moaning, winging, being creative, flexible and patient, I am very pleased to invite you to the official opening of the People Building, NLP4Kids and Hypnotherapy clinic offices in Hemel Hempstead. On Saturday 19th July we will be hosting a bit […]

My Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

It is exactly 10 years to the day since I nearly died and I’m still not dead yet! Yay! I thought that nearly dying might be the most frightening experience of my entire life. Then I started my own business and realised that nearly dying was simple by comparison to running a business! Of course […]

The Prophet of Doom and the Enemies of Progress

Due to the chipper manor of some of my family members, I have renamed them in my phone. My mum is the Prophet of Doom. Some of her recent comments include: “What is wrong with your face at the moment?” “This is not looking good” (regarding my first mortgage application which failed) “Personally I think […]
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