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These days I very rarely work with clients as I am so busy with the other tasks I have in running my businesses. If you would like to find out about a one to one therapy session with me or, most likely one of my team members, please visit

However there is a story that lead to my first business being born….

On February 14th 2004 I woke up with stomach ache. At first I thought it was indigestion, then after about an hour I abandoned my day, thinking I had caught a stomach bug- Valentines day was off the agenda. As the next hour drifted by I became steadily concerned, and wondered if in fact I had got food poisoning. I decided to contact the doctor, to be on the safe side. The doctor, it transpired, was incredibly busy and since I just felt unwell, I was looking at a two hour wait before I would be seen.

Three and a half hours after the onset on the stomach ache, the doctor called me back. He suspected that I might have an infection and gave me directions to another local GP who would see me. As I made my way to the car, I caught sight of my reflection in a window and thought “Yuck! You look as if you’re about to die!” It was then that I started thinking that perhaps I didn’t have much time, I was getting very sick, very quickly.

When the doctor saw me he looked concerned and as I told him how the illness had developed the concern seemed to turn to confusion. I lay down on the couch like an old frail woman and doubled over in pain as he pressed my stomach. Immediately he gave a diagnosis- Appendicitis. I was taken straight to hospital though my Appendix wasn’t removed until the following day, and was by then about to rupture.

I was signed off sick for a month, unable to drive or move very far with a prescription for daytime TV. It was here I saw Paul McKenna using hypnotherapy and NLP to create fast phobias cures on people with genuine fears that had been unresolved for years. Some of the people had gone through counseling for a very long time to have him change their lives in a less than a day.

I began to look into the hypnotherapy training available and working out how much I would need to save. I bought books to study the subject and started a course. My enthusiasm excelled after a seminar with Tony Robbins during which I did the almighty “Fire walk”- 15 ft of hot coals. With my mind set, I completed the further 2 modules. I set up my business 2004.

In July 2006, I began my NLP and Hypnotherapy training business, People Building. I recruited three people and trained them as NLP Practitioners. Two of them helped me to build up People Building and have now completed their NLP Master Practitioner Training and Hypnotherapy Diploma Certification. They are now qualified practitioners within their own right, and being able to extend my skills in this way has been a real privilege.

In April 2007, I set up NLP4Kids with Kuldeep Gill, a fellow Trainer of NLP. Together we have created an NLP based programme for children to develop their life skills and motivation. NLP4Kids uses the powerful tools of NLP, delivered in a way that is fun and comprehendible for children, encouraging them to co-operate more effectively within groups as well as improving their confidence and commitment when working individually.

Now, People Building has a life of it’s own with plenty of hypnosis and NLP products including a very popular free podcast and video podcast.

In 2009 my book “Creating Trance and Hypnosis Scripts” was published by O-books and became available in book stores and on the internet. Stop Anxiety and Grow Confidence was published in 2016.


In 2010, NLP4Kids became a licensed training course. I am now teaching the NLP4Kids skills to others  interested in using NLP with children. Also in that year, my hypnotherapy qualification was upgraded by the GHR, based on number of clients seen and years  of service. So I am now a senior hypnotherapist. Which does make me sound old! I also became a lead hypnotherapist at the London based stop smoking hypnotherapy clinic, “The Stop Smoking Lounge”.

Additional trainings taken:

  • 2004 Mastering EFT Workshop, Gary H. Craig, Founder of EFT
  • 2005 NLP Certified Practitioner
  • 2006 NLP Certified Master Practitioner
  • 2006 Qualified and accredited Trainer of NLP
  • 2006 Master Hypnotherapist.
  • 2007 Confidence with Clean Language
  • 2009 Rapid Hypnotic inductions
  • 2009 Cold reading masterclass
  • 2010 Advanced NLP with Richard Bandler.

To find out about a one to one therapy session with me or, most likely one of my team members, please visit

If you would like further information on becoming a Hypnotherapist or NLP Master Practitioner, visit
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