I Lost My Mum

In October 2021, my Mum passed away and only now am I beginning process it all. She had a rare brain disease called Behavioural Variant Frontal Temporal Dementia, which is an early-onset dementia.  I’m normally sharing something to do with children, young people managing an adolescent mind, and everything that happens at that kind of […]

Fashion. In My Humble Opinion

When I look at fashion in magazines, I think “if I went to work looking like that, people would have me sectioned.”

I Punched a Wasp 🐝

And since the last time we corresponded… You thought I’d been relaxing didn’t you? 🤭 I’m going to slap you with an imaginary wet salmon around your head for thinking that🐟. A big heavy one from Sainsbury Taste the Difference range, just for thinking it. Clare had another round of seizures and emergency medication. No hospital […]

⏮What Yesterday Looked Like.⏮

Yesterday I took my dementing Mum to the Royal Free for her final appointment. It was a bit emotional really, because we said goodbye to a neurologist who got his head around her bizarre dementedness and agreed on a diagnosis I had flagged up almost 2 years earlier. He’d been super helpful and written a […]

When a Family Member Goes into Care

This is a bit of a random post for my blog but I felt it was too important to keep to myself…. ➡️ Have you got a dementing one or did you have one until the past?⬅️ If so, I might have discovered something important. (Apologies if you already know about it – I literally […]

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